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Reflexology! Is it for you?
Reflexology has been shown to bring deep relaxation, stress reduction, improved circulation and an overall improved sense of well-being for many people—and may help bring balance to a stressful life! Why not give it a try!

Pattie Walsh – RCRT #10347

Central Plains Muscle Therapy
What are the benefits of massage therapy when living with MS symptoms:

  1.  We can help reduce some muscle stiffness caused by spasticity,  and relieve muscle spasms.
  2.  Increase or maintain mobility and range of motion to help with  everyday activities.
  3.  Help improve circulation.

Massage is a great way to help alleviate pain, and reduce anxiety.

Some things to discuss with your therapist before your massage starts, to ensure you receive the best benefits from your treatment:

  1.  What time of day works best for you?
  2.  When do you have the most energy, or have the least amount of  symptoms?

Massage can be fatiguing, so make sure you are talking to your therapist before and during your treatment about how you’re feeling.

If you are more tired than usual after a massage treatment, make sure to plan your appointments on your days off, or don’t plan activities for right after your appointment.

Laurie Cool
Registered Massage Therapist

Touch of Equine

Touch of Equine invites you to meet our herd of equine teachers.  Equine assisted learning is an experiential modality that guides participants through processes that will hone essential life skills, discover your many strengths and bring a sense of calm in your life.  Cultivate your new beginning at Touch of Equine

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